Turtle Lake Band Review

I’m not going to lie, I am a little biased in my review of the 5th grade Turtle Lake Elementary band concert that was put on 12/18/14.  I am a proud Dad of my 5th grade son who is playing the Trombone for the first time.  He has been diligently (ok, mostly forced by us) practicing since he picked up the Trombone about 4 months ago.  If you know anything about the trombone, it can sound eerily like a dying whale, so I was a bit nervous how this concert was going to turn out.  They also had a mini-concert at the beginning of the year where they struggled to play “Hot Cross Buns” and a couple other similar songs.  

When the concert started, I was amazed that they were all in tune and magically kept a pretty solid rhythm.  There was the occasional squeek of a clarinet, or a random note from a single trumpet when nobody else was playing, but all in all it was a very enjoyable concert.  One of the coolest things for a parent was when they actually pulled each individual section out front to do a little number with just that group.  I was extremely nervous for my son but he and they performed great.  I later asked him what his favorite part of the concert was and he said it was when they went up front to do their section solo.

Turtle Lake Elementary does so many things well academically, so it is great to see that they also support the arts. 


Lance Fellman

Lance Fellman